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Picture of:  Shyam Bushansingh Baurhoo, BSc, MSc, DPh
Research and Development Manager Belisle Solution Nutrition/
Assistant professor (McGill University)

​A scientific approach supports Bélisle's solutions.

​The expertise developed by Bélisle in animal nutrition, soybean processing, and forage crop cultivation is not a matter of chance.

​Our research and development team provides a scientific foundation for the products and services offered by the company.

​Bélisle innovates with nutrition solutions tailored to various farming contexts. Since we feed what you eat, we ensure not only to optimize nutrition for livestock but also that the consumer benefits from the advantages of quality nutrition.

An example of the use of Bélisle research for tangible results
for local pork producers.

We are convinced that the use of a good mineral and vitamin premix can make all the difference in the performance and health of herds.

​Our researchers test new technologies and challenge conventional methods of thinking about mineral nutrition. They have achieved remarkable results by combining more assimilable mineral sources with a different management approach than the current practice.

Contact your local salesrepensentative ​to know the impact of this research on mineral waste in the environment and the improved behavior of pigs.