Our approach
​Maximizing farm resources

​Since its foundation, Bélisle Solution Nutrition has always had an approach that maximizes farm resources to care for livestock.
pour nourrir les animaux d’élevage.

​This is called on-farm autonomy.

​We have been and continue to promote on-farm feed manufacturing, especially for pig and poultry feed. If you want to use your grains and soybeans or any other ingredients, we are the specialists.

​For ruminants, since they are capable of digesting forages, we promote diets composed of a maximum of forage produced on the farm.

​We offer advice and seeds to cultivate and harvest highly digestible forages on your farm.

​We also offer advice and a wide range of animal nutrition products that will maximize the value of your forages.


Mastery of this soil-field-barn approach delivers unparalleled zootechnical and agricultural performances in terms of quantity and quality.


​Capture maximum added value from your farm.

Good for your carbon footprint

​Less transportation as you produce on-site. Better soil health through the maintenance of forage crop rotations.


​This approach offers several advantages:


It puts more money in your pockets because you capture maximum added value from your farm.


It is more natural. It reduces the transportation of inputs because they are produced on-site. It also contributes to better soil health through maintaining crop rotations and improved utilization of manure. Thoughtfully chosen multi-species populations consisting of grasses and legumes are highly beneficial for the health of your soils and the well-being of your animals.


It is more efficient. Mastered properly, our approach enables unparalleled zootechnical and agricultural performances in terms of quantity and quality. To achieve this, Bélisle has developed unique expertise over the past decades, proudly from our own.