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An international expertise

​Over the years, we have developed a wide network of suppliers, partners, and clients in several countries. The staff of Bélisle Solution Nutrition regularly participates in activities outside of Canada, whether it's visiting an agricultural exhibition like SPACE in France, attending a symposium on applied biotechnologies in agriculture in Kentucky, advising a group of farmers in Mali, or giving a nutrition conference in Russia. Over the past 25 years, Belisle has participated in hundreds of international meetings.

Unique, world-class expertise at your service

​With all these contacts around the world, we have encountered new ideas, new productions, a variety of products, and various solutions.

​Thanks to this, we have been able to imagine innovative and different approaches and solutions for local producers.

​The use of biotechnologies in animal nutrition since 1996 is a good example. The implementation of Sudan grass as a shelter plant in new pastures is another example of this expertise acquired elsewhere.

​We have been tasked with creating rations for all sorts of species. Whether it's for the greater cane rat (agouti) in Ivory Coast or for dairy cows in Tatarstan, our expertise in nutrition is quite diverse, allowing us to address specific situations.

Africa, a distinctive expertise for Belisle

​Over the past 25 years, Belisle has been involved in more than 17 countries in Africa. We have clients in several African countries.

​We have participated in trade missions and cooperation projects. We have worked directly in the field with several local and international NGOs.

Ivory Coast

Jean Ouellet, Belisle international representative, with customers.