Our history
Since 1956

​It was in 1956 that Concentrés Scientifiques BELISLE Inc. made its debut. Initially, mineral and vitamin premixes were distributed to millers and veterinarians. It wasn't until the early seventies that on-farm feed manufacturing systems emerged, allowing BELISLE to distribute directly to producers.

​The company Bélisle saw an unprecedented opportunity in on-farm feed production. This new way of doing things offered producers the chance to make their businesses more profitable and independent. BELISLE was therefore among the pioneers of on-farm feed manufacturing.

Factory in 1972

Factory in 1990

Factory in 2019


​Throughout its history, Bélisle has introduced revolutionary animal nutrition concepts, to name just a few:

The 80s

​Use of amino acids
in animal nutrition

The 90s

​First biotechnologies
in animal nutrition


Use of chelated minerals


​Management of
forage populations

In recent years: use of Sudan grass as shelter plant, 'rumen-friendly' formulation.

Employees: The future

Since 1998, the company has been jointly owned by the employees. Confident in the future of agriculture, the BELISLE team is committed to ensuring the sustainability of their organization. In September 2005, Concentrés Scientifiques BELISLE Inc., in a new effort of positioning and renewing its mission, became BELISLE Solution Nutrition Inc.

​The quality of the product is essential. Essential for the animals we feed, and essential for the consumer who will consume these animals. The BELISLE seal will be a guarantee of quality for the nutritional supplements that we have developed and recommended to agricultural producers.

Content control is vital to the quality and added value of our products. By developing our own bases and controlling the quality of additives (vitamins and minerals) rather than acquiring ready-made bases whose content is unknown, we ensure, among other things, that no animal meal is present in our products, and that our nutritional products are beneficial all the way through to the end of the chain, namely human consumption. This is our added value at BELISLE.

Finally, teamwork, which often replaces exceptional talents. The members of our team, because they are dedicated to the quality of our products, allow for optimal sharing of their knowledge, experiences, and expertise.