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Why choose Belisle's products ?

BELISLE SOLUTION NUTRITION relies on experts (agronomists, nutritionists, and animal feed technicians) who can help you formulate nutritional solutions tailored to your needs using the right products for the species you need to feed.

​We can assist you in designing a feeding program for your animals to achieve optimal production levels. We understand that assistance with formulation and guidance on animal feeding programs are important support services that you expect to receive from your supplier.

​To complement our comprehensive range of nutritional products, we offer a variety of feeding services and programs, including:

– An assessment of the most suitable ingredients

– Optimization of the animals' feeding program to achieve higher economic yields.

– The development of food products for your programs.

– The analysis and interpretation of food.

– Quality control and food processing.

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​Optimizing the natural potential of animals

​The selection of ingredients and additives that stimulate digestion or enhance the animals' resistance,
or those recognized to be more digestible and natural, lies at the heart of the nutrition science developed by Bélisle.