Forage seeds

​To enhance farm self-sufficiency.

Profitability, autonomy, and resilience
are the goals we steer our clients towards.

​At Bélisle, our advisors are involved throughout the entire forage chain, from your fields to your barns. When a Bélisle representative arrives at your farm, right from the start, they conduct a forage diagnosis by submitting your forage analyses to Bélisle's FORAGE EVALUATION GRID. This user-friendly diagnostic tool indicates the profit potential of the farm's forages right from the beginning.

​Based on the existing forage quality, advisors then guide producers towards production techniques and forage blends that not only promote good milk production but also improve soil health and the health of the cows.

​For Bélisle, the profitability of dairy businesses begins with high-quality forages produced directly from the farm's soil rather than costly imports of manufactured inputs from off-farm sources. By integrating dairy production with forage production, our dairy farmers gain better control over input purchases, enhancing the profitability and sustainability of their enterprise.

​Profitability, autonomy, and resilience are the guiding principles we instill in our clients.

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​Three ranges are available to you.

Silage Range

​Our silage blends are formulated to meet the needs of the animals and the conditions encountered on each farm. The goal is to maximize the production of a legume-grass mixture in the field without compromising on quality and fermentation.

Pasture Range

​Pastures should be as productive as haylage silage fields. A mixture of legumes and grasses throughout the grazing season is ESSENTIAL to support your animals and meet their varied needs.

Commercial Hay Range

We understand that commercial hay production requires an understanding of the market and the formulation of grass mixtures that meet your buyers' criteria!

​Meet your goals with a blend of productive grasses, resilient to weather fluctuations, and maintain their vibrant green color once dried!

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​A comprehensive approach for favorable practices.

Du champ à l'étable 

Les Fourrages

This book is intended for agricultural stakeholders as well as dairy producers
who want to optimize the use of their forages in feeding their herds.
The book provides simple answers to questions such as: How to choose the right time
for harvesting? Should dry hay be fed to cows?... etc.".

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