Soybean processing
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Soya Belisle production

​In order to balance a feed ration, composed largely of farm-grown ingredients (forages and/or grains), minerals are needed, but often also a source of protein.

Belisle has decided to produce soybean meal, an excellent source of protein, made from soybeans grown here. Our manufacturing process allows us to produce an excellent solvent-free soybean meal, rich in protein, high in energy, and containing more fiber than conventional soybean meal.

Utilization in dairy production

Our exclusive manufacturing process at Belisle allows the protein in SOYA BELISLE to degrade more slowly in the rumen.

Ideal for organic production

Our solvent-free process allows the production of SOYA BELISLE BIO from organic soybeans.

Utilization in porcine and poultry

​This is a feature that makes its use very interesting in rations that require a lot of energy.


Soya Belisle Calculator

​In order to guide you in your choice of ingredients, we have developed a calculator to visualize the savings achieved by using SOYA BELISLE in a grain-fed chicken growth ration.

Calculator under construction.

Soybean oil production

​The transformation of soybeans gives us two products, Soy Belisle and crude soybean oil.

​Soybean oil is an excellent source of fat for those who do not want to use animal-derived fat sources. Our soybean oil is crude, which means it still contains all its nutrients (vitamins, lecithin, etc.).

​We also produce MS oil, an oil rich in lecithin, very economical and ideal for high-fat rations.