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​The offer provided by Belisle Solution Nutrition is aligned with one of the fundamental values of the agricultural community: Being self-reliant, being less dependent.

For many years, our team has been supporting agricultural producers who aim to make their farms more self-sufficient. They want their animals to better utilize the forages and grains produced on their land. They want the profit to stay on their farm rather than being spent on purchasing feed.

Our understanding and mastery of the intricacies involved in a soil-field-barn approach are unique in the industry. For Belisle, being self-sufficient and in control is not just a marketing trend. It's ingrained in the culture of the company's employees and owners since day one. We rely on our own expertise in nutrition supported by our research department and laboratory. We produce our own soybean meal in our factory.

We create our own ranges of high-performance products tailored to local herds and in harmony with the nature of the animals. We prioritize pro-rumen ingredients that facilitate digestion.

​​In 2023, as the economic environment changes so rapidly, Belisle Solution Nutrition's support for self-sufficiency is essential for a more stable future for your company.


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